Join us for LIMITLESS, our meetup designed just for entrepreneurs!

About our Meetup

LIMITLESS is held in the Barrel Room at Moonraker Brewing Company in Auburn. The meetups start at 6 PM and go until 9. There are no obligations to show up right when it starts or to stay until the end. However, many people eat up the whole 3 hours and are ready for more! See the schedule below for more info on how we structure the night.

The people who find our meetup most satisfying are those who have a growth mindset and are lifelong learners. They are not afraid to ask questions and are ready to write things down! Also, they like to contribute their knowledge and expertise to other entrepreneurs with the understanding that the journey is not easy! We are here as a community. THAT'S THE POINT!

Network 6-730 p.m.

A mixer-style environment. Allows for people to arrive as needed and to start making connections. Grab a beer and start getting comfortable!

Mastermind 730-9p.m.

Halfway into the night we do group-wide introductions so that everyone knows who all is in the room. Then, we bring in it and start the mastermind! This is where discussions get down to business. It's a great time to get feedback from multiple people at once and gain the benefit of the collective group! This is where some serious value bombs are dropped!

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