Project Documentation

A drone picture of a warehouse under construction with building supplies neatly organized on the warehouse floor.

Professionally Document your project for use in case studies and promotional materials for you business.

Package Description

Record your project from start to finish, highlight specific challenges and solutions, and properly communicate your expertise to potential clients through professionally recorded and produced photo and video work.

Details & What's Included

  • Advertisement Photography
  • E-Commerce Product Photography
  • Team Portraits
  • Office Photography
  • Field Photography
  • On Site Project Documentation
  • Before and After Project Photography
  • Marketing Materials Photography
  • Project Completion Videography
  • On-the-job video documentation
  • Service Explainer Videography
  • Video Interviews
  • Sales Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Video Advertisements
  • Brand Awareness Videos
Drone Footage

Hard to get shots made simple with the help of a drone.

  • Overhead Shots
  • Fly throughs
  • Difficult to Reach locations
  • Unique views

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