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Our Marketing Offerings

Keyword Search

Google Ad Words

Best used for intent-based searches made by people seeking services that your company offers.

Ad prices vary on keyword competition.

"The Billboard"

Facebook Ads

Best suited for when you need to maintain community wide brand awareness for your business. Good for businesses that sustain on walk in traffic and need to stay top of mind to a broad audience.

"The Entrepreneur"

Facebook Ads

Best suited for generating web traffic consisting of a more specific audience to a an existing landing page, sales funnel, or other system with a specific intent, like an email collection page that gives away a lead magnet.

Here's Why You Should Hire Us:

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More people will see your business

When you choose to advertise, the visibility of your business increases by default. When paired with the right complimentary efforts and systems in place, visibility becomes more valuable
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You'll Save Time

Google and Facebook are massive advertising platforms, with impressive capabilities. With the size of the audience and the level of customization they offer on their ad platforms, it requires a lot of time to get familiar with the process and get dialed in on what is going to work for your business. When you hire us, we take care of that for you, leaving you free to work on everything else on your plate.
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You Won't Need To Know How To Solve Complicated, Advertising Platform Issues

Software updates, platform changes, policy updates, all taken into consideration by the Auburn Business Ventures team.

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