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Having awesome pictures of your business is the easiest way to build a good first impression of your brand.

We provide all types of business photography to help you showcase your team, products, services and projects.

We guarantee that you'll love the pictures we produce for you and you'll be excited to share them on your website, social media and printed marketing materials.

Project Portfolio

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Brand Photography for Capitol Floats Auburn

Capitol Floats Auburn was still in the first couple years of business and needed to add pictures to their collection that they could use on their website, share on social media, and use in their marketing materials. We produced a combination of photos that helped them visually convey their business - detail shots, images of their spaces, images of someone using their services and some images of the owner.

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Product Photography for Luminarium Designs

Luminarium Designs is a local business that creates and sells laser-cut, hand-crafted wooden LED lanterns.

Their problem was not being able to capture the true beauty of their product with their limited photography skills. This made it less than confidence inspiring for them to show off and market the lanterns,

We dialed in a method to photograph the lanterns in our studio so that they show the bright warm glow that makes them so attractive. Now the sellers can feel confident knowing their product is being presented the best way possible.

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Project Documentation for Auburn Custom Kitchens

Auburn Custom Kitchens was finishing up some large kitchen remodel projects and needed professional pictures taken of their work so they could continue building a visual portfolio for their prospects to look at. We delivered an image gallery for each project location so that they had plenty of pictures to share and show off their beautiful design work!

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Product Photography fo LoveurSkin

LoveurSkin was investing in their online business and needed upgraded images to help them curate a more professional look for their online store. We provided a gallery of images all with a pure white background so they could list their products on any platform and give a higher end impression to their online customers.

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Brand Photography for Auburn Auto Doctors

Auburn Auto Doctors needed to refresh their collection of images that they could use on their website, social media profiles and other marketing materials. We produced a variety of shots including those of their team at work, portraits, images of their equipment and shots of the garage where they perform their work.

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Brand Photography for Auburn Gymnastics Center

Auburn Gymnastics Center was working on improving their marketing efforts and realized that one of the things they needed was high quality images to put on their website, social media and other marketing materials. We produced a variety of shots that help show the fun and joy that their gymnasts have and show parents that their programs are great options to sign their kids up for.

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