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Our Studio, Our Expertise, Your Content

It's as easy as talking to friends.

We're here to help you produce your podcast in professional quality so you can focus on delivering your message.

Cody Monroe Sitting At Podcast Recording Table With Headset and Microphone, laughing with eyes closed

Auburn Business Ventures' Studio Experience

High Quality Video/Audio

Look & Sound Good

Treat your listeners' eyes and ears with our investment in thousands of dollars of recording equipment and years of skilled multimedia experience.


Putting It All Together

We'll handle all the complicated technical work of producing and distributing your audio show. Just show up, record, and leave. We'll do the rest.


Professional & Affordable

  • $120 1 hour record time with uncut, raw files
  • $249 per 1 hour recorded and produced episode
  • $349 recorded, produced, and distributed
  • $2,999 - 10 Episode season recorded, produced and distributed

Jason and Allen now interview their guests over zoom but with the benefit of both of them being in the same shot with professional lighting and audio.

Our clients now have reduced their workload to only scheduling guests and showing up to the studio for recording. They know that this is all they need to do to have high quality audio and video version of their podcast, ready to share with their audience.

Honest Lee Handyman's Allen Lee standing in a field.
"Charles and Cody went above and beyond to help me find the best marketing fit for my business. They took careful note of numbers and analytics so they could help my advertising dollars translate to sales. Their video work was stunning and I’m excited about future projects with Auburn Business Ventures."

Allen Lee | The Handyman Success Podcast

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