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Represent your business in a professional a way that builds your credibility.

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Our Website Offerings:

Basic Website

Maintenance & Updates

A clean and simple website that represents your business is a professional way.

Blog Website

Maintenance & Updates

A website that you can use to host and share articles and other content that you produce for educational, entertainment purposes.

Online Store

Self Managed

If you have a simple product line and just need an online store to sell through, this is the option for you.

Online Store+

w/Management Service

If you have many products and a more complex business system, this option is for you because it offloads the website management to our professional team.

Here's Why You Should Hire Us:

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Impression Matters

People make judgments in fractions of a second. It's important that your website passes gut check and shows that you give professional attention to the way you present and run your operation.
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Cheap DIY Solutions Make You Look Cheap

How do you want people to see your business? The truth is that your website is an official public representation of how you conduct business. If your website looks slapped together, haphazard and clunky, then people are led to think your business is too.
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You'll Get More Leads

There's more to a properly built website than just making it look great. It's important to take time to dial in the messaging of your writing and images so that the prospects viewing your website are convinced they should do business with you. The other key strategy is to place calls-to-action and contact forms in the right places inside your messaging so you collect more inbound leads.
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More People Will Find You With Best Practice SEO

We build your website with the appropriate keywords and backend markup structure so that search engines can understand your website. When search engines can understand your website and the correct keywords are used, the chances your website will come up in search results significantly increase.
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You Won't Have To Manage Your Website Anymore

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your website worries are over. Have an update? Give us a call. Need a project gallery added? Send us the photos. Need something integrated with the website? We’ll take care of it. Overall, when it comes to your website, Auburn Business Ventures is here for you!
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You Don't Have To Know How To Solve Complicated, Technical Website Issues

Browser updates, platform changes, code bugs, all taken care of by the Auburn Business Ventures Team.

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