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David Beseler sitting at the Gold Mine Podcast recording studio
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Natalie Otis sitting at the Gold Mine Podcast recording studio
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We've come to know you and hundreds of other local small business owners.

We know your struggle of wearing all the hats:

  • You can't keep up with updating your website and other online assets
  • You can't keep up with generating enough content to promote your business
  • You know social media can be helpful but its dizzyingly complicated

You can trust us to do it right for you.

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Brandy Alvis, owner of Sage Sleep Organics sitting crossed legged on a bed with a radiant smile.
"Cody and Charlie are really smart and their willingness to dive into the pain points of small business is really appreciated. Looking forward to working with them again in the future."

Brandy Alvis | Sage Sleep Organics
Hailey Kleinhans, owner of Capitol Floats Auburn joyfully chuckling
"Cody and Charlie are an awesome team. They are professional, attentive and helpful, have excellent ideas and are always willing to collaborate and problem-solve. They made me an amazing video for when my business opened and ran an ad for me on Facebook, which was a huge success. I especially appreciate that they follow up with me consistently and work with me within my budget. A great team overall!"

Hailey Kleinhans | Capitol Floats Auburn
Natalie Otis, owner of Auburn Gymnastics Center sitting at The Goldmine Podcast table smiling contently
"Auburn Business Ventures has such passion and enthusiasm for building up Auburn businesses. This team is professional, articulate and inspiring to work with. As a business owner in Auburn for 12 years I am excited to be a part of such a dynamic enterprise."

Natalie Otis | Auburn Gymnastics Center
Natalie Otis, owner of Auburn Gymnastics Center sitting at The Goldmine Podcast table smiling contently
"Charles and Cody went above and beyond to help me find the best marketing fit for my business. They took careful note of numbers and analytics so they could help my advertising dollars translate to sales. Their video work was stunning and I’m excited about future projects with Auburn Business Ventures."

Jenifer Pepito | The Peaceful Press

How can we get started?

1. Book a Strategy Call

We'll audit what you're already doing, where you need the most help and identify key opportunities to market your business.

2. Get Your Custom Marketing Plan

We'll assemble a plan of action with a project timeline specific to the current goals of your business.

3. Deploy your new Marketing Machine

We'll put the plan to work so you can start seeing the results without the frustration of doing it yourself!

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