Plan, Build, Launch, Grow.

Auburn Business Ventures is a digital marketing growth partner that drives success for innovative outdoor and recreational brands.

What We Do

We help founders with innovative products and services develop and manage custom marketing systems that spread awareness, attract attention, generate leads and increase sales.
Customer, Mega-Mike, using his Bitchen' Kitchen out in the woods to cook hotdogs and hamburgers out of the back of his Jeep Gladiator.
ABV Owner, Cody Monroe, standing behind a camera at a video shoot at the Auburn Airport.

How We Do It

We Listen to you

Great branding is rooted in empathy, which is why listening is the essential first ingredient for crafting effective communication for any product or service.

We Learn from you

Innovative concepts exist because there are stories attached to their genesis. The main ingredients in these stories are: The consumer, their problem, and your solution/plan to guide them to success.

We have a process to extract these ingredients from you and turn them into the building materials for constructing your marketing strategy.

We Plan with you

Alignment of the consumer's point of view, your message, your visual presentation and your digital user experience are critical. We create a plan with you that achieves this alignment and blueprints what will become your foundational digital marketing infrastructure.

We Build for you

When you partner with us, you gain access to the skills and expertise needed to put the plan into action. We have the technological and creative talent needed to turn the  plan into digital marketing magic.

We Optimize for you

Systems produce business results, not people. Yet people are still needed to manage & optimize systems. This is where our partnership comes to full maturity - where our ongoing relationship revolves around consulting you and managing your marketing system.

Example Packages

Every customer gets a custom package tailored to their goals.

Website & social Media
Showcase your business

New Website

Social Media Posts

Photo & Video Creation

Starting at $5,000 + $499/mo

Brand Awareness
Reach thousands of people

Facebook & Instagram Ads

E-Mail Marketing

Photo & Video Creation

Starting at $1,500 + $2,000/mo

E-Commerce Performance
Sell more stuff

Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads

Website Sales Optimization

E-Mail Marketing

Photo & Video Creation

Starting at $5,000 + $2,500/mo

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Recent Projects


Edelrid, a renowned manufacturer of climbing and safety equipment, needed a ProDeals website to offer tiered discounts to industry specialists, including a secure and efficient account application process. We developed a comprehensive ecommerce platform using Shopify and Sparklayer, allowing for Price Lists and Account tiers. Additionally, we integrated an automated inventory management solution linked to their NetSuite Account, and implemented a streamlined application process that ensures secure document verification and annual reapplication. This solution enhanced their ability to manage discounts, inventory, and customer eligibility efficiently.

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Mega Mike's Adventure Products

Mega Mike's Adventure products needed to bring their revolutionary water filtration and storage system for overland explorers to market. We created video explanations, photos, and a complete ecommerce solution that allowed them to expand their reach across the USA, and leverage their relationships with Overland Influencers to increase their audience and expand their business opportunities.

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Modular Pumptrack USA

Modular Pumptrack USA supplies customizable pump tracks ideal for places where people go to experience the fun of action sports. We built them a full ecommerce site that enables them to provide information, receive deposits, and capture leads to streamline their sales process.

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