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Season 3 Episodes

Ruby Beauchamp

Bringing Co-working to Downtown Auburn

Episode 6 Season 3

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Chris Anderson

From College Side Hustle to Reputable Business

Episode 5 Season 3

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Cole Flournoy

Social Media for Charity and Hope

Episode 4 Season 3

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Cole Flournoy is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of HelpHero.

Micah Whitehead & Sheldon Steele

Helping Real Estate Agents, Homeowners, and Contractors

Episode 3 Season 3

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Micah Whitehead & Sheldon Steele are a contractor and real estate agent duo, and the founders of Buildry.

Joe Uhan

A Better System to Foster a Pain Free Body

Episode 2 Season 3

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Joe Uhan, a manual physical therapist and stride coach, is the owner of Uhan Performance.

Mike Mendelson

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Learning

Episode 1 Season 3

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Mike Mendelson is an education professional and ed-tech startup founder.

Season 2 Episodes

Machen MacDonald

Defeating Your Success Assassins

Episode 17 Season 2

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Machen MacDonald is a #1 best selling author, life & business coach, certified Master Coach and certified MindScan Consultant.

David Lease

Franchise Business Ownership

Episode 16 Season 2

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David Lease is the owner of the Meadow Vista Ace Hardware store.

Elizabeth Jade

Business Acquisition Opportunities

Episode 15 Season 2

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Elizabeth Jade is a Senior Business Advisor with M & A Business Advisors.

Heather Hentschel

Making The Experience

Episode 14 Season 2

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Heather Hentschel is the owner of HellaTan Boutique.

Melissa Moon

Find Your Center

Episode 13 Season 2

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Melissa Moon is a certified ELAN practitioner, alternative healing consultant and the owner of Moon Healing Studio.

Graham McBain

Entrepreneurship can be Addicting

Episode 12 Season 2

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Graham McBain is a former blockchain startup founder and current fintech professional.

Steven Norrell

An Ocean in a Dewdrop

Episode 11 Season 2

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Steven Norrell is an entrepreneurship and mindset coach, and founder of the LiveBig Project.

David Beseler

Building A Product With Character

Episode 10 Season 2

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David Beseler is the owner of 48 Planks, a boutique furniture builder that specializes in using reclaimed wood.

Rob Miszti

Set It And Forget It

Episode 9 Season 2

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Rob Miszti is an Investment Advisor with XYZ Financial Services.

Wayne Trimble

Take Part In Your Community

Episode 8 Season 2

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Wayne Trimble is the owner of Auburn Auto Doctors and Auburn Guns & Ammo.

Jennifer Carrasco

It's only a failure if you don't keep trying

Episode 7 Season 2

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Jennifer Carrasco is the CEO of Rocklin-Roseville Electric, Host of the WTF is Beauty Anyway Podcast, and owner of V Skincare and Virago Skin and Body.

Steve Seay

Filling All Your Buckets

Episode 6 Season 2

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Steve Seay is a leadership coach and trainer who offers one on one and team coaching, as well as leadership speaking and workshops.

Matt Rollens

Building a Business on Amazon

Episode 5 Season 2

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Matt Rollens is the owner and creator of Dragon Glassware.

Hailey Kleinhans

Episode 4 Season 2

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Hailey Kleinhans is the co-owner and operator of Capitol Floats Auburn.

Brandy Alvis


Episode 3 Season 2

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Brandy Alvis is the founder of Sage Sleep Organics, an organic bedding company.

Joe Arrigo

Know Your Self

Episode 2 Season 2

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Joe Arrigo is professional recruiter, resume writer, and MBTI consultant.

Natalie Otis

Be The Good

Episode 1 Season 2

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Natalie Otis is the owner of Auburn Gymnastics Center and the 501c3 Fit For Life.

Season 1 Episodes

Sami Kader

You Got This!

Episode 11 Season 1

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Sami Kader is a fitness professional, youth motivational speaker, and creator of Sami's Circuit.

Brian Fisher

Healthy Competition

Episode 10 Season 1

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Brian Fisher is the founder and owner of 10 Athletes, an app used to enrich the connection between athletes and curate their skill rankings.

Jeremiah & Angelina

Have Passion

Episode 9 Season 1

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Jeremiah and Angelina Elements own and operate Elements Tree Service.

Justin Cooper


Episode 8 Season 1

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Justin Cooper is a realtor and entrepreneur.

Jason Call

Know Your Customer

Episode 7 Season 1

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Jason Call is the owner and founder of Handyman Marketing Pro's and the co-host of the Handyman Success Podcast.

Jose Aviles

Always Get Back Up

Episode 6 Season 1

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Jose Aviles is the founder and owner of Aviles Quality Cleaning.

Jennifer Butler

Managing Your Mind for Success

Episode 5 Season 1

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Jennifer Butler is a certified youth life coach.

Nalesh Chandra

Decide and Start

Episode 4 Season 1

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Nalesh Chandra is a founder of Täbū Ohana, a video gaming chair company.

Ean Price Murphy

Numbers Don't Lie

Episode 3 Season 1

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Ean Price Murphy is the founder of Moxie Bookkeeping & Coaching Inc.

Allen Lee

Mindset First and Marketing

Episode 2 Season 1

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Allen Lee is the owner of Honest Lee Handyman, Handyman Journey, and the co-host of the Handyman Success Podcast.

Mike Mendelson

The Power of Behavioral Learning

Episode 1 Season 1

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Mike Mendelson is an education professional and ed-tech startup founder.