About Us

Commonly referred to as "ABV" we are a small but mighty digital marketing agency in Auburn, California that specializes in growing innovative outdoor brands. Locally we are known for our enthusiasm towards entrepreneurship and networking in our community.

During a time when many business relationships seem to no longer offer in-person interactions and lack decent customer service, we are proud to be able to offer boutique marketing solutions and provide top quality attention to our customers. We love inviting clients to meet with us in our office and to give them an opportunity to shake our hands.

We invite you to reach out and meet with us to see if we're a good fit to help grow your business. If you're a local Placer County area business that is not an outdoor brand, please still feel free to reach out for marketing services - we've worked with a wide range of business in different industries to help them achieve their goals.

Meet the Founders

Cody Monroe | Co-Founder & Creative Director

As the artistic half of our founding team, Cody manages the creative aspects of our work, or anything that calls for a vision. Expect him to oversee your new website design, the photography that makes your company look amazing and the video that tells your story to the world.

Cody's philosophy in life is that it will become what you make of it. He believes that you can't fail if you meet two conditions: 1) You never give up 2) You commit to avoid making repeat mistakes.

He enjoys his time in the Sierra Nevada foothills with his wife, Anna, and their 4 children, Eli, Landon, Connor and Layla where they spend time together riding bikes , playing sports, and enjoying the company of friends and family.

Charles Huckins | Co-Founder & Technology Director

As the mechanically inclined half of our founding team, Charles manages anything that resembles a system. Expect him to be the "techy" that oversees the analytics of your advertising account, programs the automation that triggers that other thing you don't necessarily care to understand, and randomly break into a discussion about the newest use case of Artificial Intelligence.

Charlie's philosophy in life is that you don't know what you don't know, so you may as well just look at the numbers.

Charlie most enjoys spending time with his family. He stays occupied at family events with his wife, Angellica, and their 5 children, Lawrence, Rebecca, Veronica, Maximus and Joseph.

From Left to Right, Lawrence, Angellica, Maximus, Charlie, Joseph, Rebecca, and Veronica

Our Story

One of the first Auburn Business Ventures meetups | October 2018

In 2018 we founded Something Greater LLC. and started operating what was strictly a website design service under the name Risecore. A few months prior to our official founding, we had started hosting a local monthly entrepreneurship meetup so that we could learn, network and get our first customers.

At that time, the meetup was generically called Auburn Business Ventures. After a few months of positive feedback from people attending the meetup, we got excited about the traction and decided to brand it, which is when the name LIMITLESS Entrepreneurship Meetup was born.

In early 2020, after about 18 months of networking, we realized that the Auburn Business Ventures (or ABV) meetup was how everyone in our community remembered us, instead of our business name Risecore. It was then that we decided to abandon Risecore as our agency name and adopt Auburn Business Ventures as our agency's DBA .

A YouTube thumbnail from an episode of the Gold Mine Podcast with Natalie Otis of Auburn Gymnastics Center.

A few months later, we started The Gold Mine Podcast where we interviewed local business owners to share their hard earned knowledge and stories of growth. The first handful of episodes were recorded in Cody's house in a spare bedroom (that was also our office) until we moved into our first commercial office space at Atwood Business Park in the summer of 2020.

Charlie and Cody trying to look official at the first Auburn Business Ventures studio office at Atwood Business Park

St. Patrick's Day 2022 at No Hands Coworking. Ruby Beuchamp (right) founded No Hands Coworking in 2021.

In December of 2021 we moved our office location to No Hands Coworking in Downtown Auburn, which opened it's doors a few months prior. We just couldn't resist the opportunity to be a part of the new injection of business community enthusiasm in our home town. We operated out of No Hands Coworking until July of 2023 when we moved to our current office down the hallway at 550 High St.

Since our inception, our business has grown in many ways and is now focused on delivering results-oriented digital marketing services to innovative outdoor and recreational brands. We are still happy to serve our local clients and are looking forward to many more years of expansion, networking and refinement.