Edelrid ProDeals

Case Study

Edelrid is a leading manufacturer of high-quality climbing and safety equipment, known for their innovative designs and commitment to safety in the mountaineering and climbing industry.


Edelrid needed a ProDeals website that allowed them to offer customer accounts to particular industry employees, their sponsored athletes, etc., in order to streamline their ability to offer discounts to specific industry specialists. The requirement included a tiered system with discounts tied to account type, different shipping options, and product access. Additionally, they needed a secure and efficient account application process that blocked unapproved users, allowed applications, notified staff, verified documents, and required annual reapplication.


Create an efficient and cost-effective ProDeals ecommerce platform that meets Edelrid's requirements for tiered account types, discounts, and inventory management. Additionally, streamline the account application process to securely manage and verify applications while ensuring annual reapplication and eligibility reassessment.


  1. Ecommerce Platform: We developed a comprehensive ProDeals website using Shopify as the base platform and Sparklayer as the B2B solution. This setup allowed for Price Lists and Account tiers.
  2. Inventory Management: Integrated an automated inventory management solution that linked their NetSuite Account with Shopify, enabling daily updates to product levels without requiring an additional expensive subscription.
  3. Account Application Process: Implemented a secure application process that:
    • Blocks unapproved users from seeing the site.
    • Allows users to apply for accounts and notifies Edelrid staff of new applications.
    • Enables staff to review and verify documents securely.
    • Requires annual reapplication, providing ample notice to users and allowing staff to reassess eligibility.
    • Offers flexibility for special cases, such as limited-time accounts for trade show sign-ups.

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