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Project Examples

Project Examples

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Project Examples

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Project Examples

Digital Advertising for Flip2It Sports Center

We partnered with Flip2It Sports center to enhance their digital marketing strategy, focusing on Google Ads and social media advertising. Our goal was to optimize their lead generation efforts while maintaining cost efficiency and maximizing ROI.

Through strategic campaign management and continuous optimization, we successfully reduced their lead cost on Google Ads to approximately $18 per lead. This achievement reflects our commitment to driving high-quality leads at a competitive cost, ensuring a robust pipeline of potential customers for Flip 2 It Sports Center.

Additionally, our efforts on Facebook and Instagram advertising led to a significant decrease in cost per click (CPC), lowering it to $1.26. This improvement not only amplified their online visibility but also contributed to cost-effective customer acquisition.

Moreover, with a remarkable 30% closing rate on leads generated through these campaigns, Flip 2 It Sports Center experienced tangible business growth and increased conversion rates. Our comprehensive approach, which includes ad spend and management fees in these metrics, underscores our ability to deliver measurable results and drive impactful outcomes for our clients.

Stay tuned for more detailed insights into our successful partnership with Flip 2 It Sports Center, showcasing how effective digital marketing strategies can elevate business performance and achieve sustainable growth.


Cross Advertiser CPC: $1.23

Cross Advertiser CPL: $23.62

Final Conversion Rate: 30%

Total Cost Per Conversion: $78.73

*All costs include Ad Spend and Management

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